Distributed Network Audio Server. This module is responsible for the distribution of the stream (audio) to the audience delivered by the source stream (DSP Plugin or Transcoder / Autopilot).
Simply this is the server to which you plug into all listeners from one site while the source is connected from second site (server is equivalent to the FM transmitter on the radio).
DNAS Server version 2 allows you to give a number of different streams in different qualities with a single port.
This means that the same stream can be given at the same time such as 64 kbps and 128 kbps.
Can also impart many different streams of different quality levels using a single server.
This option is called 'Mount Points'.

The server software works best when it is installed on a machine with Linux.
Here is a tool to help you create SHOUTcast DNAS and Transcoder configuration files.
When connecting to the server using the player will hear the transmitted signal but when we do it with a browser then we will access DNAS statistics.

Thanks to these pages we can check the server status, number of listeners, currently playing song, and many other details.

When you log in to the administrative zone you will access to an even greater amount of data and the functions such as reserving or banning individual IP addresses.
The latest version can be downloaded from the official website of SHOUTcast.