Also known as the autopilot or Transcoder. It is part of the SHOUTcast.The file is called 'sc_trans'.
This is the kind of player which, like Winamp plays songs from playlists. Is usually installed on a remote server where you will also find  SHOUTcast DNAS.  Its main objective is to continuously play music or pre-recorded broadcasts to the 'air' if there is no live presenter.
In version 1.x of Transcoder we had to 'kick' autopilot from DNAS server to allow entry presenter on the server.
Version 2 also serves as the connection point of the live sources (DJ / Presenter).
Connection can be carried out using the ports 'djport' or 'djport2'.

djport is used when connected with the help of DSP v1, 
djport2 in the case of DSP v2.

When AutoDJ detects a connection to one of the djports smoothly crossfade from track played on the signal transmitted by the live source (eg DSP plugin).

If you want to find out more about starting broadcasting please go to 'How to broadcast with SHOUTcast' article.

The port numbers are set in the configuration file sc_trans, which can usually be found under the name sc_trans.conf, and then we need to fill in field 'PORT' with one of the djport or djport2 numbers in DSP plugin or another program

We recommend to use of SHOUTcast configuration generator.

In the case of companies such as Air New Host all advanced configuration is done for you, and port numbers are pre-set by the company. Of course, you can always write to the supplier upon completion of the order to change the port number.

The latest versions of the transcoder can be downloaded from the official SHOUTcast page.