Promote your radio!

You already have the SHOUTcast service provider , your website , presenters and radio programs.
Only one thing left, promote your station and expand the horizon of platforms on which you can listen to the radio .

In this situation, the basic thing is to register your station on sites like TuneIn , vTuner , and the like.
To facilitate this process we have created this wiki page , which is a step by step guide how to get more listeners.

However, remember that most of these sites require that the station is public , you can do this by setting ' publicserver = always' while in the case of Centova Cast panel go to :
Settings - > Server Overrides - > Public Server = Always ,

In addition to the station came into public mode it is necessary to set AuthHash .
Information on how to do this can be found here -> How to create AuthHash ?
Now simply restart the server and our station is public .

For teh start, we suggest registration at strategic locations :

TuneIn first!

TuneIn is a very important partner in your journey to the popularity of Internet radio.
By registering at this probably the most well-known site signal from your radio will be available where it is possible to run TuneIn application (almost everywhere) .
The application is available for Smartphones , Tablets , SmartTV , PC and many other devices.

Link to registration:


One of the biggest sites that contain a list of internet radio stations from around the world .

Link to registration:


Global list of internet radio stations with which you can listen to the radio on various platforms , like on TuneIn .

Link to registration:

Here is a list of smaller sites where well worth it to register your radio :

Music Goal - #server
Your Muze -
Surf Music -
Streema -
Radio WMP -

We wish you a full slots !