SHOUTcast,  basically is a software that allows to broadcast sound (and video ) over the Internet.
In today's era of technology and internet , online radio has become friend of radios transmitting on FM . The reason for this is the quality of the transmitted signal and the availability from any place on the globe.

The SHOUTcast includes:

SHOUTcast DNAS -  (Distributed Network Audio Server) Is the module responsible for the distribution of the stream ( audio ) to the audience delivered by the source stream ( DSP Plugin or Transcoder / Autopilot ) .

SHOUTcast Transcoder (SC_TRANS) - module for transmitting the stream to the DNAS server when there is no live source (autopilot / AutoDJ ) . It has the ability to play songs from the playlist in the order , randomly , periodically and plotted times. Usually is located on the same machine on which you installed DNAS . In short, it is a remote music player. Version 2 also serves as a liaison between the DNAS and you ( DJ / presenter ) broadcasting live , crossfading the currently played track by itself with entering Live DJ / presenter.
Live Source (broadcasting live):
SHOUTcast DSP - module for broadcasting a live stream from the local machine (PC) to the server ( DNAS ) or Transcoder (only v2 ). DSP  is a plugin for  Winamp and allows transmission of music currently being played or the source of the sound coming from the audio card input  or microphone.
DSP plug-in is not the only option for broadcasting live . There are many programs that can transmit a signal to the DNAS with protocole SHOUTcast  such as VirtualDJ , SAM Broadcaster , and more created by third parties.
The sound transmitted by SHOUTcast may be in MP3 or AAC+ format. The standard bitrate for shoutcast is 32 , 64, 128 , 160 , 192, 256 and 320 kbps (kilobits per second) of which the most common are 64, 128, 320 kbps.

For the latest downloads can be found on the official SHOUTcast page

Here you will find information on how to broadcast with SHOUTcast.