Air DJ Panel

Is  a DJ and radio  panel management which have various advanced functions which are easy to use.
Like Air Panel application is constantly upgraded with new features and settings.
This is the only panel on the market for managing multiple channels on the same radio in one place.
Basic functions of the panel are:
  • All channels in one place
  • Displays channel statistics
  • Managing servers (start / stop / restart, and channel VU meters)
  • Presenters management (the ability to assign specific channels)
  • Private and group messaging
  • Advanced schedule
  • Greetings console
  • The contact list of presenters
  • E-RDS management
  • Listeners location on the map
  • Chat
  • Toplist
  • Web Widgets (statistics, season schedule, greetings, list of presenters player online)
This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
You can find screens of panel below:

Panel Stats

Panel Kontrola



Konsola Pozdrowień

Lokalizacja Słuchaczy