perfect solution for online radio
10 GB diskspace
unlimited traffic
up to 10 mail accounts
up to 5 databases (mysql)
up to 5 FTP accounts
connect up to 2 domains
PHP 5 / MySQL 5
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SHOUTcast v2 
DNAS 2 (2.2.1)
Transcoder (Drop 54)

perfect solution for online radios
Slots: 100
Bitrate: 128kbps
StreamTranscoding: x2
AutoDJ diskspace: 5GB
Server: Shoutcast v2

Multichannel support !
Free Android App!

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On the New Air Host you will find products tailored to the needs of your radio.
We offer SHOUTcast v2 server so you no longer have to 'dig' autoDJ.
Information about SHOUTcast software and its features can be found in our knowledge base.
Each package contains ERDS radio, original and innovative DJ and radio management  panel.
Our services have support for multi-channel stations, it means that you can manage all channels in one panel.
We also have application on Android platform that allows mobile users to manage shoutcast servers or DJ panel, also allows presenters to enter their show into schedule, receive and write messages, and check the current statistics of the channel.
You can check our innovative solutions yourself by logging into demo account.
All the necessary information can be found here.
Happy testing!
We offer a modern and comprehensive bespoke panels to manage your services
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