How to create/update a AuthHash ?
What is AuthHash ( authorization key) ?
SHOUTcast and AOL has created a service called Yellow Pages , which contains a listing of all publicly available SHOUTcast servers( Internet radio stations ) .
To make your server appeared in the listing it should be in public mode and have the authorization key ( AuthHash ) .
AuthHash is created in a very simple way :
  1. Log in to the server SHOUTcast :
    1. go to the address at which it is your server , for example: (or by clicking 'Admin' in Centova Cast panel)
    2. lilnk click on ' Server Login ' button in the upper right corner
    3. served login ( admin) and password ( in the case of panel Centova Cast password that you log in to the panel )
    4. after successful login, you will be transferred to the Administration screen
  2. Click on the link 'Create Authhash' or 'Update Authhash' if you want to just make an update.
  3. There is a form you must fill in with the data related to you station:
  4. Click the Create Authhash and you're done!