Air Panel App

As a few on the market, our company provides DJ panel application on your Android device for free!
Air Panel Application allows you to manage a radio station and all channels using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Thanks to it you'll be able to restart the server, add a user, send a message or add show to schedule on the bus!
The application is constantly enriched with new features and capabilities.
Current features of the application:
  • Preview SHOUTcast statistics such as the current program name and a DJ playing and the number of listeners
  • Start / Restart / Stop the SHOUTcast server / autopilot (authorized users only)
  • Schedule management, adding shows (editing and deleting entries for authorized users)
  • Send / Receive messages within the radio users (Outbox, Inbox, and create new messages)
  • Managing Users (only authorized users, under construction)
  • Chat ( under construction)
The application can be downloaded by scanning the QR code below:

QR code
or by clicking here.

Below are some screenshots of the application:

Login Screen Channels Screen Stats Screen Dj Panel Screen 
Timetable Screen Add Show Screen New Message Screen